Keep Warm & Fit this Winter

With the winter weather settling in, finding the motivation to get out and about to keep fit can be tough. Heading down to the beach for a morning swim is no longer an option and the wintry weather and volatile wind conditions can cause disruptions to even the most disciplined of fitness regimes.

But what if we said you could keep fit, maintain your regular swimming regime and stay warm, all from the comfort of your own home? Well, with our versatile Cal Spas Swim Spas series, you can.

The temperature controls on the Swim Spas means that they are the ideal option for maintaining your fitness regime throughout the winter months. As the climate gets cooler, it gradually increases your Swim Spas’ temperature to maintain your workout.

An added bonus is that you can use this to warm up your tired and stiff muscles while you exercise. Rather than going for a run, which during the winter can take a while to warm up for, with a Swim Spa the warm water will do this for you, meaning you can exercise more effectively during your workout.

You can even use your Swim Spa to go for a jog, exercising against the natural resistance provided by the jets. This will ensure a far easier workout for your joints than pounding the pavements on a cold and wet winter’s night. And afterwards, you can give your muscles a well-earned soak by sitting down and relaxing on the spa’s inbuilt seating, you’ll feel a lot better for it the next day.

So go on, escape the cold this winter and enter the warm inviting waters of your very own Cal Spas Swim Spas. You can view our range of options here.