Spa Construction

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Fibersteel™ Construction

Durability is paramount when it comes to your home investments. That’s why Cal Spas spa pools utilise the exclusive Fibersteel™ Construction Process. The finest acrylic sheets are vacuum-moulded into shape, then reinforced with vinyl ester and fibreglass. After curing, the shell receives a resin filler coat, fibreglass and calcium carbonate. Stiffener reinforcement supports and 1-inch angled irons are added to ensure maximum strength. A final filler coat is applied to seal, bond and toughen the overall structure.

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Reinforced Framework

Each Cal Spas spa pool is built on a structure of pressure-treated wood that resists corrosion, decay and insect damage. The frame is constructed from a sturdy design of rails and cross-bracings which are secured by 1-inch galvanised staples for solid strength, while vertical supports are shored with plywood corner gussets and vertical angle bracings.

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Thermo-Shield™ Insulation

Cal Spas Thermo-Shield™ insulation system starts by installing a unique material primarily comprised of post-consumer recycled denim. This 3” thick insulating material foundation is then thermally bonded with a 99% pure aluminium reinforced foil sheet on one side creating a radiant heat shield which directs motor and equipment heat back into the spa, retaining residual heat and increasing energy efficiency. Next, a layer of dual walled reflective bubble foil is installed to the floor area of the spa to reflect heat upward into the spa seat and floor. Finally, an ABS liner or ABS moulded pan that locks in heat and keeps moisture out is added.

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Full foam insulation

Insulation is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a spa pool. By incorporating high-quality insulation into the spa structure, Cal Spas is reducing the time it takes for the water temperature to pass from the body of water to the outside environment. By effectively doing so, the time that it takes to heat and maintain water temperature is reduced and in return, saving you money on your electric bill.

Spa Plumbing

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Cal Spas Exclusive Stainless Steel Hydro-Pro™ Jets with patented design feature a unique transparent and stainless steel ‘candy cane’ design. These striking spa pool jets are standard on Cal Spas spa pools. Entertain family and friends in style with a Cal Spas spa pool today!

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A special bacteria-fighting agent is moulded into the fabric of the filter and prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing. A TeleWeir Gate prevents debris from re-entering your water system.

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The Eco-friendly PureSilk™ Ozonator by Cal Spas instantly kills bacteria through exposure to the Ozone while minimising chemical usage. It features exclusive moisture-sensing technology that delivers virtually maintenance-free operation. The unit automatically shuts off when moisture is detected inside. Once the moisture has dissipated, the unit starts again automatically.

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Combining Ozone and UV water treatment technologies to avoid or reduce the use of chlorine, bromine and other sanitizers to treat a closed water system formulates the Synergy™ System. Water is treated by combining water filtration and purification technology.

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Sodium bromide (NaBr) is an effective bacteria killer that should be part of every spa pool’s water clarity regimen. The eco-friendly CalPure™ II Salt System instantly turns salt into bromine to keep your spa pool water clean and fresh. This perpetual sanitation cycle kills bacteria, algae and other pathogenic organisms without ever requiring additional sodium bromide. A dedicated digital topside display monitors the salt levels of your spa at all times. The CalPure™ II Salt System also eliminates the need for an Ozonator.

Spa Tub Cabinets

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Every Cal Spas spa pool is constructed with elegant and durable panelling to protect your investment and add lasting sophistication to your Home Resort.

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Constructed of high grade 316-schedule 40 galvanised steel piping, the frame of a Cal Spas spa pool is non-corrosive, rust-free and offers a higher strength to weight ratio to support the tub while it is filled with water.

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Each cabinet is designed to provide maximum support for every spa and can be styled to match your favourite shell colour with eye-catching panels available in select colours.

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These highly-durable panels mimic the look of natural wood and are standard on all Cal Spas spa pools in a variety of colours that complement any backyard landscape. The Cal Preferred™ Horizontal Cabinet Panels are completely maintenance free, weather resistant and flame retardant. Best of all, these panels will maintain their rich colour for years to come with the UV light inhibitors that are integrated into the cabinet’s construction (available on select models).

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Textured Cal Preferred™ black cabinet corners give the exterior a sleek design and look. The stainless steel hardware makes it easy to access and perform seasonal maintenance inside the spa pool. The Cal Preferred™ corners are designed to match any colour of your choosing.

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Corner Cabinet Lighting adds an elegant look to any backyard or patio. Light up your world! You decide how much light you need with a 2 or 4 corner lighting package. Powered with energy efficient LED bulbs, the C-LITE™ is a cost-effective way to enhance the look and feel of your spa pool.

Spa Tub Equipment

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3 stabilisers minimise vibration while adding durability and reliability.
The structural bulkhead bracket assures that the element is always centred in the housing, providing smoother flow around the element, combined with decreased harmonic vibration. This adds up to improved durability and reliability.

A chemically-inert epoxy seal, instead of brazing, improves corrosion resistance.

Computerised element bending specs simplify heater assembly and improve manufacturing reliability.

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Cal Spas switchless booster pumps are built with the quality you can trust and the power you can feel. Our motors feature low and high speeds with exclusive switchless technology. The low speed is used for filtration and heating while the high speed is used for creating a pressurised massage. Cal Spas spa pools are designed to heat efficiently through the use of state-of-the-art heaters that transfer the maximum amount of heat directly to the water.

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An intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily adjust the settings of the spa to meet your therapeutic needs.

Cal Spas Exclusive

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Our patented ATS seat features a dedicated motor and control panel that allows you to personalise your massage to seven distinctive pressure levels. The 14 dedicated jets can be programmed to emit various massage patterns to suit your comfort level. Not only will you enjoy premium personalised hydrotherapy, but you will also experience tremendous cost and energy savings.

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Aquatic Air Therapy™ infuses air and water with jet engine technology to create a kinetic power to create a complete soft tissue therapy experience. The combination of the three different flow patterns offers rejuvenation to sore muscles and tired joints.

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Cal Spas Pro Trainer™ provides an ideal aquatic workout and the ultimate swim resistance all in one swim spa. The Pro Trainer™ system features an all new Cal Spas Smart Control System with multiple speed Eliminator Power Frame Pumps that work together to provide a wide variety of smooth swim currents.

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Fountain Of Youth™ is a new patented hydrotherapy that rejuvenates your body and skin, making you look younger and feel better. The gentle effervescent sensation and silky feel of the water are signs that your body is benefiting from the supersaturated water filled with billions of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles.

Spa Tub Accesories

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Bluetooth technology lets you control your music through your smart device from anywhere inside, or outside your Cal Spas spa pool. The Freedom™ Sound system comes with a subwoofer and 4 speakers.

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Start the party with the optional iSound™ iPod Stereo System & FM receiver, speakers and floating RF remote. Just plug your iPod, iPhone or iPad into the dock and adjust the volume for your favourite soundtrack on demand.

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Instantly add a touch of sophistication to any Cal Spas spa pool with Cal Metro™ Surrounds. The Cal Metro™ Surrounds feature a knock-down design that makes assembly easy and quick. Combine a sleek metal base with a top to match any Cal Spas spa pool with Cal Preferred™ cabinets. The Cal Metro™ Surrounds conveniently feature independent, movable components which can be used to create hundreds of different spa pool décor options – regardless of the size or shape of your spa!